Open Way Zen Brisbane
Open Way Zen Brisbane

Sesshin Registration and Payment

The cost of attending is A$825.00 which covers accommodation and the standard lacto-ovo vegetarian food.


The sesshin runs for 7 days from Saturday January 11th to Saturday January 18th, 2020. If you wish to attend, please:
(i) complete an online application form here as soon as possible and
(ii) pay a deposit of at least $250.00 by no later than December 20th 2019.
Please pay the A$575 balance of the retreat fee by no later than January 3rd 2020.

Places will only be reserved once the deposit is made and a completed application form is lodged. In the past places have filled up fast.


The preferred payment method is by electronic funds transfer (bank transfer) or you can pay with your credit card via Paypal (noting there is a Paypal surcharge as detailed below).

To enable us to accurately track incoming payments please email us after payment:

Step 1 - Bank transfer your payment into our account

Account name: Open Way Zen Brisbane
Bank: Westpac Banking Corporation
Branch: Milton, Brisbane
BSB: 034072
Account No.: 145327

Step 2 - Email us with the payment details

Please confirm your payment by sending an email to with the following information:

  1. Your name (plus the name of the account if different to yours)
  2. BSB and account number from which payment was made
  3. Amount of payment
  4. Date of payment
  5. Electronic receipt or confirmation number

Don't forget to complete an online application form.

Paypal (and Credit Card) payments

Please email us at and we'll send you a Paypal invoice for payment via Paypal's online secure payment gateway. Paypal payments attract an $18.00 surcharge to cover the merchant fee collected by Paypal. Please note that in the interest of security Open Way Zen neither sees nor stores any credit card information at any point in time.

Other payment methods

If you can't pay via bank transfer or Paypal please email and we can work out an alternative method of payment.


Because we have to buy food before the retreat, you will forfeit your A$250.00 deposit if you cancel after January 3rd;

Anything that you have paid in excess of the A$250.00 deposit will be refunded in full if you notify your cancellation by no later than December 27th. Refunds for cancellations after that date will be at the discretion of the retreat organisers.

Special food requirements

Please tell us by no later than December 27th of any special dietary requirements. We strongly encourage you to go with the standard lacto-ovo menu unless you have a medical condition that requires special foods. Such food items may incur an additional charge unless you bring your own.

Arrival Time

Please arrive at the Retreat Centre after 3pm and no later than 4pm. (Queensland time).

There will be an orientation in the meditation hall on retreat procedures and the retreat centre. Thereafter there will be instruction on seated and walking meditation and other matters relating to the practice.

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