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About the Venue

Theosophical Education and Retreat Centre, 2184 Springbrook Road, Springbrook, Queensland 4213 (Phone 07 5533 5211).

The Springbrook plateau is on the northern lip of the caldera of the (extinct) Mt. Warning shield volcano. The plateau rises to a maximum height of over 900 metres, and its edge marks part of the Queensland / NSW bordder.

Accommodation: Four modern brick accommodation blocks each contain 6 single rooms. Rooms are equipped with:

  • bed, pillow, doona, blanket and electric blanket
  • small basin with hot and cold water
  • small collapsible table with chair
  • clothes hanging rail, small set of drawers and a wooden bench for luggage etc.

Each accommodation block has showers with gas hot water and toilets. Shower floor mats are replaced every three days. Hand soap and hand towels are supplied in the toilets. There is a laundry with hand tubs, one twin tub washing machine, washing power, a clothesline and an electric dryer.

Seated meditation will take place in the centre's main hall, and meals will be served in a separate dining hall.

Retreat Centre Rules: The Theosophical Education and Retreat Centre only permits vegetarian food. No consumption of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs is allowed. The Centre is a smoke-free area. No pets or animals are allowed. During our stay it will be our shared responsibility to keep rooms, toilets, showers, hall and kitchens clean and tidy. Observation of these rules is a condition of our stay there.


Air travel and pulic transport

For anyone flying in it is recommended to fly into Brisbane Airport rather than Coolangatta. The AirTrain service can be caught there and you can travel to Robina on the train (with a change at Central Station). Staff at the airport can advise you where to board the train service etc.

By prior arrangement we can do a pickup in the afternoon from Robina train station. We cannot guarantee any lifts from Brisbane / Coolangatta airports so the proceedure above is recommended for all air travellers.

You can also get the taxi from Robina to Springbrook which is about 25km away.

Coolangatta Airport is about 45 km from Springbrook. You will need to taxi or arrange alternative transport from there.

If you can offer a lift or would like a lift please let us know on your application form. We will pass on the contact details of those offering lifts to those needing lifts and they can co-ordinate the timing and pick-up locations between each other. As above Open Way Zen can only guarantee transport from Robina.


From Brisbane: The Theosophical Education and Retreat Centre is about 103 km., or 80 minutes, from the Riverside Expressway in Brisbane. Head south along Highway 1 until Exit 79 at Mudgeeraba (it's south of Nerang, and is inland from Miami and Robina) where you branch right into the Springbrook Road, Route 99 (see below).

From the Gold Coast or coastal New South Wales take the northbound Exit 78 from Highway 1 (Pacific Highway) at Mudgeeraba onto the Springbrook Road, Route 99. If you miss Exit 78, you can use Exit 79 just down the road.

Route 99 to Springbrook. Once on Route 99, this will take you all the way to Springbrook. The retreat centre is about 22.5 km (25 minutes or so) from the Mudgeeraba turnoff, and is in the bush before you reach Springbrook proper. The Retreat Centre is on the right hand side of the road (down a 300 metre driveway) and the entrance to the driveway off Springbrook Road is well signed. Route 99 needs to be driven very carefully as it has tight turns, steep grades, one way bridges, and can experience rock falls.

Distances from the Mudgeeraba turnoff: to Brisbane 81 km; to Coolangatta airport 22km; to Byron Bay about 100km (75 minutes).





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